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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

House architecture


The houses have a low profile design that is based on the classical Drakensberg chalet style. To have the least the impact on the visual environment and to meet planning requirements, skyline interference is kept to a minimum.

The roof height is kept low below the tree canopy. In the double story houses much of the first floor living area is in the loft space.

Example of double storey house

Other features of the design include:

  • Modern design that retains the classical elegance of older styles
  • Flexible interior layout
  • Steeper than normal roof pitch for greater visual character and more upstairs ceiling space
  • Roof design suitable for thatch or tile, though from a safety and cost perspective, tiles are recommended
  • Two separate living areas in the double storey
  • Optional loft room with dormer windows in the single storey

Created by Aziso